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    Anfrage unter Fragen & Wünsche möglich !

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    Supervisor (out of Berlin)
    250,00 €* | bis zu 8 h je nach Entfernung eventuell zzgl. Hotel + Spesen
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IDEE Entertainment – The event-professionals from Berlin !!!

We can offer you a plurality of modules & furnishing for renting in Berlin and whole Germany. You can rent bouncies, bullriding, Formula One simulator, sporty modules, football games, technique, Wheels of Fortune, race track, tents, catering and much more - everthing from one supplier.

We gladly advise you from monday to friday from 10 - 18 o'clock

Aktuelle Highlights für Ihren Event

  • Bubble Fußball 250.00* €
    Bubble Fußball The human Airbumper is a very funny and attractive module for your event. . Airbumper are big ...
  • Sledge Hammer 350.00* €
    Sledge Hammer mieten Berlin Größe: 10m dm
    Altersklasse: 6-99 Jahre 
    bis zu 6 Nutzer gleichzeitig
  • Bullenreiten light 190.00* €
    Bullenreiten light Größe: 5,50m x 5,50m
    Altersklasse: 3-12 Jahre 
    bis zu 5 Nutzer gleichzeitig
  • Archery 1,350.00* €
    Archery Size: 7,20m x 9,00m
    Age: 14-99 years
    one user at the same time
  • XXL 4 Wins 150.00* €
    XXL 4 Wins The popular competition game in exclusive wood execution, and very big. Not only adults, also kids and ...
  • Bouncy Wasserschloss 300.00* €
    Bouncy Wasserschloss For jumping, playing and having fun. Very nice bouncy with an elaborate design and a great eyecatcher for ...
  • Catch the Light 190.00* €
    Catch the Light Best entertainment for young and old.
    Because of his low high perfect for indoor.
    The special: it got ...
  • Festzelt 490.00* €
    Festzelt Festzelt mieten
    für jeden Anlass
    sauber & echt schön
  • Carrerabahn mit Fahrrad 395.00* €
    Carrerabahn mit Fahrrad Größe: 5,10m x 2,50m
    Altersklasse: 6-99 Jahre 
    bis zu 3 Nutzer gleichzeitig
  • Kinder - Kettenkarussell 400.00* €
    Kinder - Kettenkarussell The classy carousel (with lights) is a visual highlight for every event and a magnet for kids. The ...
  • Airhockey 150.00* €
    Airhockey The exclusive surprise for your guests and clients. Precious Airhockey for In- and Outdoor Events ...
  • Billardtisch 250.00* €
    Billardtisch The exclusive surprise for your guests and clients. Precious Billards for In- and Outdoor Events with ...